Clairvoyant Patricia

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The importance of psychic protection.

You do not need to be involved in psychic matters to practise psychic protection.  It can help you in your daily life to.
 Just as we would take our clothes off and get ready for bed to sleep, we should do this at the end of the day to get rid of negative emotions or situations at the end of each day to prepare us for sleep and peaceful dreams and for each new day.

To begin psychic protection we must first turn our negative emotions towards people into positive energy.  As much as we may have hatred or envy towards an ex partner or our boss or anybody else, we  can then use this positive energy as a catalyst to enhance our lives and surround ourselves with a cleansed and energised atmosphere.

Here are a couple of exercises to help you with your own psychic protection.

Grounding.  To ground your self you can simply stand, barefoot on grass or soil and raise your hands above your head breathing in, then slowly breathe out as you bend your knees and bring your hands down to the ground, allowing all the negative energies to drain away.  If you are at home or the office and can not go out, then have a live plant with 2 dark coloured crystals in it.  Simply touch the plant and close your eyes, this will help you to reconnect with the earth. You should try to ground yourself whenever you feel anxious, nervous, or unable to concentrate.  Even going for a walk can help with this and allow yourself to take in the colours, sounds and smells of nature.  

Creating protective boundaries.  By placing a window box or pots of protective plants outside your window can help with psychic protection against your home.  Rowan or mountain ash is especially good for protecting the home and to help keep out unwelcome visitors.  Remember to tend to the plants each day as they work hard.  Rotate them each day, perhaps from the window ledge to the back door.  You can place moss agate in the soil of the plants to help strengthen them.  A good selection of defensive plants include basil, cumin, wild garlic, parsley, rosemary and sage.  You can also use tiny outward facing mirrors to reflect back any negative energy coming towards your home.

Making a magic bag or medicine pouch to carry around with you. Firstly choose or make  a small bag or pouch from natural fabric.  In it place about 6 items that are of protective significance and seem to bring luck and confidence to you, for example small charms or a birds feather.  Make sure all the items have positive memories with them.  Mark your bag with glph of your astrological sun sign or a personal symbol of protective power.  Do not let other people use or handle your bag as it is precious to you.  You can empower your bag by leaving it out on the night of a full moon and adding rose quartz or amethyst into it for a while to help bring back the positive elements.  

There are other ways to build up your psychic protection, however i go into more detail on the personal development workshops.