Palmistry Workshop for Beginners
Sunday 17th October
10-4 pm @ My office/Hall
Strength, Passion and Willpower.
How do you Handle your Mental self?
Relationships with yourself and others.
Skills, Talent and Mind.

Please remember this is for guidance and not a crutch!


Psychic Night
Wednesday 27th October
6.00pm - 10.00pm

The Drawbridge Inn
5 Drawbridge Road
Shirley B90 1DD

Tarot, Palmistry, Angel readings, Mediums,
Handwriting Analysis, Numerology, 
Aura Photography and Stalls.


Psychic and  Holistic
Christmas Fayre
Thursday 25th November
6.00pm - 10.00pm
The Irish Centre
Wheelers Lane 
Birmingham B13 0ST

Mediums, Tarot, Palmistry, Angel readings,
Aura Photography, Handwriting Analysis,
Numerology, Mindfulness, Healing,
Stalls and much more